Ensuring Employees’ Health and Safety at Work by Implementing the ISO 45001 Standard

  • Irina TODOS B. P. Hadeu State University of Cahul (Republic of Moldova)
Keywords: occupational health, safety, ISO standard, safety management


From ancient times, people have been concerned with protection at the workplace and have taken various precautions to protect themselves. As labour processes evolved, so did the risks to employees of injury, illness, and death, and the search for adequate means of protection and avoidance of accidents at work began.

To this end, several occupational safety and health management systems have been developed at international, regional and sectoral levels. These models are often well thought out, but they do not fit into all the principles of occupational safety and health, therefore the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system is considered to reflect these safety principles in the best way.

The occupational safety and health management system represents a set of elements with a decisional, organizational, informational, motivational character, etc. within the organization, through which all the processes and relations of the occupational health and safety management system are exercised, in order to obtain the desired level of safety and health at work.