The resource of mnemonics in preparing teachers for intercultural communication

  • Olena BILA Ismail State University of Humanities, Ukraine
  • Tszin YAOTSIUAN Ismail State University of Humanities, Ukraine
  • Tatyana MITEVA Ismail State University of Humanities, Ukraine
Keywords: teacher training, intercultural communication, mnemonics


The article is dedicated to a theoretical analysis of the concept of “preparing the teacher for intercultural communication”. The authors of the article focus on the active use of the technology of mnemonics in the academic process of higher education in order to train future specialists in the multilingual educational space of the university.             The article describes the specific features of the use of various mnemonics tools, which contribute to the intensive development of mental processes (memory, attention, imaginative thinking), as well as enrichment of vocabulary, speech and writing in students in the study of foreign languages. The author of the article reveals the possibilities of the integrated use of such mnemotechnical tools as: “mnemonic”, “mnemonic technic”, “mnemonic tool” etc.            The mnemonic techniques and tools differ in degree of complexity and, at the same time, are in accordance with the logic of studying linguistic material for intercultural communication.            The systematized cluster of mnemotechnical methods, techniques and tools allows one to significantly expand the arsenal of linguistic knowledge among future teachers, to recreate a model of conscious students assimilating new knowledge in the field of intercultural communication with students, their parents, foreign students and teachers.