Tendencies, progress and challenges related to the improvement of national competitiveness

  • Alexandru STRATAN National Institute for Economic Research (NIER, Republic of Moldova)
Keywords: economic competitiveness, economic growth, foreign trade, investment


The Republic of Moldova marked its 30th anniversary of independence. A brief review of the period that has elapsed, from the point of view of the evolution of the national economy, must give us the answer to the question, of whether we are satisfied or not with those results that we have obtained in this period. The paper addresses issues related to the process of increasing competitiveness and reducing discrepancies compared to other states in the region, given the major arrears recorded by the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, a set of indicators was analyzed that reflect on the one hand the change in the welfare of the population as a whole and the sustainability of economic growth, including the performance of foreign trade and investment, and on the other hand the performance of the business environment and their productivity compared to other states. Another very important component is the factors or, in other words, the intervention policies of the state to eliminate the constraints in order to increase the country's competitiveness.