Characteristics of the age capabilities of the young football players’ mastery skills training

  • Nicolae Adrian DINA Physical Education and Sport State University, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Keywords: football, skills, training


The basis of sportsmanship of football players is technical training, the level of which largely determines the effectiveness and the degree of the game.

Football experts note a certain gap between Romanian athletes compared to the best foreigners in the technique of ball control, which is already highlighted in the initial stages of training. At the same time, as separate components of the gap, the ability to effectively perform actions associated with the handling and control of the ball in complicated conditions is particularly noteworthy.

The experience of the World Championships, Europe, and the Continental Cups of the club teams testifies to the low quality of the technical ability of the athletes in the context of an increase in the game intensity and intensified simple fights for the ball. This is often confirmed by the inability to defeat an opponent in an individual situation, which is a mandatory requirement in such sports games as, for example, basketball, handball and hockey.