Intensifying the motor capacity of military firefighters through basketball

  • A. G. LOLUȚĂ Physical Education and Sports State University, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Keywords: firefighters, basketball, motor skills, equipment, ball


The aim of this research was to identify new ways to attract and stimulate the body to maintain the capacity of the physical effort of the operational staff within the professional structures for emergency situations, namely military firefighters using the game of basketball.

The study was carried out on duty and had as subjects about 30 military personnel, to which a set of strength exercises performed on the specific equipment of the basketball game was applied. The military personnel involved were fully equipped with personal protective equipment consisting of nomex water protection suit, intervention boots/boots, seat belt, safety helmet, protective gloves, hood, flashlight and compressed air respirator.

After going through the motor circuit made and carried out on the unit's plateau, as well as when the weather conditions are unfavorable or in the cold season, respectively in the car garage, we can say that the staff on duty keeps their motor capacity at normal parameters to meet happy ending to the missions entrusted to you by the game of basketball. In this case, we can say that the exercises and circuits designed, as well as the conditions in which they were performed, can maintain the optimal level of physical training for military firefighters.