Peculiarities of Adults` Physical Recreation through WUSHU Martial Arts

  • Darius Liviu POPESCU State University of Physical Education and Sport (Republic of Moldova)
  • Angela POLEVAIA-SECĂREANU State University of Physical Education and Sport (Republic of Moldova)
  • Ecaterina LUNGU State University of Physical Education and Sport (Republic of Moldova)
Keywords: physical education, recreation, socializing, martial arts, wushu


In this research, the characteristics of physical recreation as a type of physical culture were described and also its main characteristics were highlighted. WUSHU martial arts is considered to be one of the possible ways to organize the physical recreation of adults, presenting its differences and specificity.

Following the analysis of the literature, we found that many authors argue that the socio-medical process of recreating the human being through various means has an important contribution in terms of mental and physical, intellectual, aesthetic, moral, but also the formation of consciousness with on the development of one's personality, character and self-esteem. Regarding the medical aspect, it also addresses the improvement and/or maintenance of the general state of health, the increase of muscular strength, and flexibility, as well as a better quality of life and why not longevity. Thus, the recreation process induces a fairly high value as a degree of social importance, socialization being the psychological process of assimilation, the transmission of concepts and patterns of behaviour specific to a group or community, for training, integration and social adaptation of that person.



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