International Collaboration between Ireland and Ukraine

  • Valentina BUTMALAI Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania
  • Alina Florentina SĂRACU Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Romania
Keywords: Ireland, Ukraine, International Relations, migrants


The space of international relations is a transnational one insofar as it is structured on economic, financial, religious, and cultural relations, and through movements of traders, travelers, missionaries, or migrants, these relations are developed between civil societies in different countries. This transnational space overlaps the international space, which arises from the juxtaposition of states that are in principle sovereign.

In the current context, in terms of international relations and international collaboration, the relations maintained by other states with Ukraine cannot be overlooked. In particular, this article will talk about Ireland's relations with the Ukrainian people and their economy. How the number of arrivals in Ireland has evolved with the Temporary Protection Directive, the age group, the number of male and female arrivals, as well as their family situation. Last but not least, we will talk about how the number of exports and imports with Ukraine evolved, the value of trade in goods, and the number of portfolio investments.