Limbajul în valorificarea diversității cultural lingvistice

Diversitate – minorități – echitate

  • Natalia CUȚITARU Comrat State University, Gagauzia, R. Moldova
Keywords: multilingualism, Gagauzia, Moldova, Romanian, Russian, mother tongue, cognitive development, language learning


In the autonomous region of Gagauzia, three languages are declared official: Gagauz, Russian and Romanian. Recent studies show that these languages have non-uniform spread among various demographiic categories. The linguistic dimension in the area points to the predominance of other languages than the mother tongue of the ethnics. The official language of the Republic of Moldova, Romanian, is also insufficiently used. On a different note, learning two or more languages simultaneously is sensible, as it favours cerebral and cognitive development. It has been scientifically proven that multilingualism favours better access to information, stimulates cerebral activity, increases creativity by comparing and becoming aware of the subtle infrastructures of the mother tongue and of the second and third language.