Proiectele de învățare în cadrul ariei curriculare Limbă și comunicare

O abordare interculturală

  • Tatiana CARTALEANU ”Ion Creanga” Pedagogical State University, Chisinau, R. Moldova
Keywords: teamwork, communication, organization, skills, learning projects, collaboration


Our attention focuses on the first 3 skills: communication, organization, teamwork. The school must help  students to develop communication skills, offering them learning activities ; daily school life presents countless opportunities to exercise their organizational skills; and the traditional lesson and extracurricular activities are a suitable field for teamwork training in various forms . With one condition: that teachers who enter the classroom every day have a strategic vision in this regard, to teach students ihow to collaborate and communicate by learning. We come to the aid of teachers with some proposals, suggestions and recommendations for organizing and carrying out work on learning projects, and for this purpose we will examine some practical aspects of the process.