Making Students Aware of the Universal Human Values

The Spiritual Basis of Their Readiness for Constructive Intercultural Communication

  • Nadiia KICHUK Ismail State University of Humanities, Ukraine
  • Antonina KICHUK Ismail State University of Humanities, Ukraine


This increases the importance of higher education as a factor of socialization of students, as well as the role of the university educational process in the personal and professional development and especially that of the future teacher of the younger generation, a carrier of the values of multiculturalism.

Meanwhile, researchers of the problem of the formation of a sense of identity among modern youth state the existence of a wide range of contradictions and insufficiently constructive approaches to their resolution, which developed in the educational practice of bringing together the “historical code of the nation” [3]. In search of a more efficient use of resources in a more specifically designated way in higher education, the potential of such new forms of human knowledge as auto-pedagogy, dialogue-pedagogy, culture-pedagogy, computer-pedagogy, etc., has been actively realized recently