Modele de aplicații didactice ale învățării interdisciplinare în cadrul lecției de istorie la treapta liceală

  • Angela LISNIC ”Ion Creangă” Pedagogical State University, Chisinau, R. Moldova
  • Vera VRABIE Centre of Excellence in Information Technology, Chisinau, R. Moldova
Keywords: curriculum, transdisciplinarity, history, modern education


In the last few years, important changes have occurred in international general education. These changes aim to overcome a number of issues that manifest through the contradiction between the supply and demand of qualitative instruction. Current tensions in education are rooted in an educational system belonging to another century and millennium. Updating the educational system means opening the school towards society, acknowledging the influence of the environment over the young, reassessing the role of both teacher and student in the teaching-learning-evaluating process, moving from knowledge-based education to competence-based education, updating the curriculum in accordance with the requirements of modern life, etc.

For a better understanding of the transdisciplinary approach, we have brought to the lens a number of historical references on transdisciplinarity. From this point on, we can further highlight the stages of building transdisciplinarity in modern education.