Enriching EFL Classroom with Quizizz Lessons

  • Liliana COLODEEVA, Dr B.P. Hasdeu State of University of Cahul, R. Moldova
Keywords: online teaching, software, formative assessment, engagement, Quizizz features


Quizizz is a free online platform designed to support remote learning; it creates an effective technology-based environment favourable for teaching, learning, and assessing students both synchronously and asynchronously; besides, because of the pandemics in 2020, it expanded to help teach with digital presentations, organize breakout games, get and provide feedback, and engage with interactive assessment tools online. The major goal of the present paper is to discuss the benefits of online teaching with the Quizizz platform; furthermore, it focuses on online activities before, during, and after class with Quizizz Lesson. Finally, the article aims at underlying the advantages and disadvantages of teaching remotely with Quizizz in comparison to other online software providers, as well as the possibility of integrating the Quizizz activities into Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas or Moodle.