Rădăcini găgăuze. Muzeul din Avdărma

(Gagauz Roots. The Avdarma Museum)

  • Carmen DIMITRIU, Dr Comrat State University, Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova
Keywords: Gagauzia, Checir, Avdarma, history, museum, culture, ethnicity, language


Though not very numerous or properly known at the end of the 19th century, the people of Gagauzia gave Bessarabia outstanding personalities, who contributed to the social and cultural evolution of the populace. Thus, the past of Gagauzia and the UTAG culture are interwoven with Romanian history. The symbolic significance of this work remains undiminished today, and Çakir’s status amongst the Gagauz of Bessarabia is also unrivalled.  In the museum founded on scientific grounds in the village of Avdarma, one finds living facts of the history of Gagauz, palpable testimonies about the lives of the inhabitants of the village and its surroundings.