Integrating Lifelong Learning into Higher Education

  • Larisa ȘAVGA, Dr Trade Cooperative University of Moldova
  • Oxana LIVIȚCHI, Dr Trade Cooperative University of Moldova
Keywords: education, lifelong learning, economics, educational consortium


Current European policies and trends in education demonstrate the importance of implementing the concept of lifelong learning and its impact on economic development, society and every individual. The revitalization of lifelong learning requires rethinking how this concept can lead to overcoming existing constraints and dysfunctions and become viable and vital.

The article provides an overview of European policies and trends in the field of lifelong learning highlights the priority actions required at the institutional level for the development of LLL activities and services within universities. Recognizing the importance of LLL, Moldovan universities have committed themselves to promoting and implementing this concept within the framework of the international project „TOWARDS EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY LIFELONG LEARNING MODEL IN MOLDOVA” - COMPASS, No. 597889-EPP-1-2018-1-MD-EPPKA2 - CBHE-SP, funded by the European Union under the ERASMUS+ program. Its implementation will facilitate the boosting of lifelong learning. The integration of this goal into its institutional policy, the development of the LLL strategy, the consolidation of learning and vocational training structures will contribute to the stability of the balance between the needs of the labour market, the capacities of education and training providers and the needs of people and society.