Eficientizarea predării limbii române prin implementarea resurselor digitale

  • Victoria VÎNTU University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau
Keywords: modern didactics, medical language, digital resources


Familiarity with digital resources and their incorporation into the teaching approach is imperative today. Educational platforms, applications, online resources, considered as an alternative to the traditional lesson, become, in the context of today's realities, an indispensable condition for an effective teaching process. They provide flexibility, originality, continuous access to information, creativity, coherence, dynamism and efficiency.
The appropriate use of digital resources not only as an educational design but also as an effective teaching method in ensuring the interactivity of the learning process is a defining aspect of the modern lesson. The teacher, however, opting for the implementation of a particular online platform, will tend to build a personalised teaching approach, avoiding the risk of automation. The choice of a particular online platform or audio-visual medium is dictated by the specific target group, the objectives pursued, the amount of information to be assimilated and its complexity.
In this approach, I will address models of B2/C1 level Romanian language lessons, arguing the importance of digital resources in making the learning process more efficient. The target group is native speakers of Romanian who have a basic knowledge of the Romanian language and tend to develop their language skills while assimilating medical terminology. The course is structured according to the communicative-functional principle, which involves the development of skills in the reception and expression of written and oral messages, thus the key competences to be acquired and developed are sociolinguistics, linguistics and pragmatics.
The correct application of information technologies in a lesson of Romanian as a non-native language leads to the facilitation and efficiency of the educational process, as well as to the development of the learner's potential.