Features of the Methods of Training Physical Exercises

  • Victor BUFTEA, Prof. State University of Physical Education and Sports, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Keywords: physical exercise, motor action, efficiency, skills


The modern sports industry is constantly increasing the requirements for the personality of the athlete. In order to obtain a high degree of mastery, all the requirements for the possibilities of development, education, training and special training of the athletes in all the forms of training are also increased. Therefore, the requirements for the optimization, rationalization and improvement of the methods, methodical procedures, specific means, and the instructive-educational and developmental character at all stages of athlete training are also increasing.

For this reason, new forms, methods and means appear in the training strategies of the athletes, whose purpose is to increase the efficiency of performances, notwithstanding the degree of difficulty of the exercise technique and many other motor actions provided in the competition programs.

The central motivation of the respective study is to elucidate and highlight the educational-instructive approaches by characterizing the essence and content of each method of training physical exercises. Obviously, it is very important now to know the most significant forms of learning the motor actions in all sports events, to understand their meaning and degree of application in the practice of coaching the athletes, students and all those interested in the practical performance of physical exercises. Thus, through this study, there are brought to the knowledge of the reader (coach, teacher, specialist Methodist, trainer, athlete, student, etc.) the methods and methodical approaches described, which can be used effectively in the work practice of Physical Education and Sports on correctness, accuracy, punctuality, efficiency, and clarity of learning the most diverse forms of physical exercise. Certainly, this information can lead to the selection of the most relevant methodological sequences, the correct application of which can contribute to streamlining the learning process of any technical structure and any content.

At the same time, it is noteworthy that the methodology of mastering specialized physical exercises is complex and integrative. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the correlation between the established laws and the optimal ways to achieve the methodological objectives, which will condition the qualitative acquisition of knowledge, coherent training of special motor skills and abilities, harmonious development of the athlete's personality, strengthening health, achieving high sports performance, etc.