Characteristics of the Morpho-Functional Particularities of Boxers’ Bodies in the Cadet Category

  • George Dan SAULEA The State University of Physical Education and Sports, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Keywords: box, morphological, functional, cadet, training, adolescence


This article describes the morpho-functional characteristics of boxing athletes’ bodies in the cadet category that need to be taken into account in the multiannual training process. These peculiarities are inevitable because they are dictated by biological factors, therefore, all the changes that take place in the bodies of young athletes must be known in detail by specialist-coach-practitioners. Thus, this study highlights a detailed description of these aspects and contains concrete explanations of certain conditions, processes and factors that will complete the arsenal of skills of all members in the training process.

The purpose of this study is to characterize the morpho-functional features of the bodies of boxing athletes in the cadet category. Being difficult, this age creates a series of problems in the training process of athletes, and, in all cases, it is necessary to find new solutions, argued and deciphered scientifically, methodologically, psychologically, etc., to ameliorate critical situations.

The objectives of the study reveal the theoretical study of the morpho-functional particularities; age period argumentation; identifying the possibilities to remedy the difficult situations that have arisen. Research methods included: analysis and argumentation; case study; synthesis of information; textual descriptions. The result of the study establishes: from a physiological point of view, the age equivalent to the category of cadets in boxing is characterized by an increase in the intensity and exchange of substances in the body. Morphologically, there is an elongation of the upper and lower limbs and the trunk, creating disharmony in terms of physical appearance and proportionality of the segments. Functional - the capacity of effort is low, this being a result of the insufficient development of the lungs and heart, of the blood vessels.  

Thus, knowledge of these legalities offers the possibility to materialize the essence of the training objectives of boxing athletes at this difficult age, which will allow us to clarify and make remarks in order to obtain high-performance results in boxing.