Comunicarea asertivă ca o componentă indispensabilă a competențelor sociale

  • Magdalena RUSNAC-FRĂSINEANU Ministry of Education and Research, Republic of Moldova
  • Ana COZARI State Agricultural University of the Republic of Moldova
Keywords: assertiveness, assertive skills, assertive communication, assertive behaviour, assertive response


The article addresses the issue of assertive communication from the perspective of its value in the context of the development of social skills, being considered essential both in the formation of the individual's personality, in particular, and in the establishment of interpersonal relationships, in general. Assertive communication means expressing one's own point of view in an open and honest discussion, a way of solving interpersonal problems, allows messages to be received without blockages, involves defending personal rights, feelings and convictions in a direct, honest and appropriate way, which is why assertiveness should not be neglected in social and educational environments. The paper presents various assertive communication techniques, which directly and directly contribute to the development of people's assertive skills and competences.