Management Consultancy in Sports Activity

  • Natalia NASTAS State University of Physical Education and Sport (Republic of Moldova)
  • Ecaterina LUNGU State University of Physical Education and Sport (Republic of Moldova)
Keywords: management consultancy, sports, consultant, manager, physical culture


Currently, the use of management consultancy cannot be treated as a modern matter, as its mastery and competent exercise is a necessity. However, this field of activity is not developed in the Republic of Moldova, which requires "boldness" from local practical managers and scientific studies from theoreticians (specialized teachers as well).

This is due to the fact that the managers of national sports organizations, being in the stage of transition to a market economy, characterized by unfair competition for those left behind or non-adapted, may have to turn to consultants in the management of physical culture.

Management consultancy is a form of external support and assistance for solving problems faced by the specialized manager, without direct responsibility for the operational decision and its application. It is a specialized service, with qualified staff, which acts in order to analyse and delimit the managerial problems of the sports organization, as well as formulates improved solutions, the implementation process of which will further support it.

It involves not only an activity but also a profession, the content of which consists in providing support to sports managers in solving essential problems and in implementing scientific achievements in physical culture or the advanced experience generalization.